Imifuno Fresh is a local fresh-produce supplier, operating in and around the city of Cape Town. All our fresh-produce is sourced daily, from the local farms and markets in the area. We take pride in our work and value the long-term relationships we have come to enjoy with our customers.  Imifuno Fresh is a 100% Black Woman-owned, South African business. 

Local farm Fresh produce, hand picked and custom packed, delivered to your establishment.

The quality of the produce was only matched by the quality of the service our Restuarant recieved. Thanks for the unforgettable service.

to your door

Imifuno Fresh offers a huge variety of unpackaged fruit and vegetables,  allowing us to customise any order and provide a sustainable packaging solution before delivering to your establishment door.


supporting local

Imifuno Fresh sources fresh vegetables in the early hours of the morning from the  Epping market as well as supporting the Fresh produce farmers within the Phillipi area. 

customised orders

Each customer’s order is individually hand picked and packaged as per their requirements. Once  carefully prepared, your produce is hand delivered by Robbie, to your door.